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Biography of the Band

Fall of Episteme or FoE came to life in 2015.

Fall of Episteme has its roots in the symphonic or prog rock band Atlantis, which a few decades ago played a number of concerts at venues and some of the big festivals in Denmark.

After some replacement on vocal and bass, the band today consists of singer and keyboard player Flemming Kragh Pedersen, guitarist Kent Eskildsen, bassist Jan Juel and drummer Rune Eskildsen.

Fall of Episteme are influenced by the classic and varied prog rock played by bands like Saga, Pink Floyd, Camel, Marillion and the like, as well as more recent acts like Ayreon and Dream Theater.

Fall of Episteme released their debut album in December 2019. The album was very well received internationally by prog rock reviewers from prog rock magazines as well as streaming and radio channels. Have a look at some of the international reviews elsewhere on this site.

Photos on this page show the constellation of the band when the CD was released.

After the CD release, concerts were planned, but then the pandemic hit, so the band didn’t get out to play much in the following few years.

The shutdown has been used to compose new material, but also to make recordings of some old Atlantis material that has never been released before.

Fall of Episteme crew; Lars Boe; Sound, Michael Jeppesen; Photo, Jesper L. Rømer; Grapix design and Eric Svinth, Cover art.




How “Fall of Episteme” evolved from the Band “Atlantis”

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