Rune R. B. Eskildsen

Drums and String Arrangements


Rune, the youngest member of Fall of Episteme, has been involved with music since he was quite small.

Growing up with parents who both were very musical, and especially his dad, Kent, who led Rune on his path.

Being the drummer of FoE, Rune is also a multi-instrumentalist, trained in the classical music genre. Rune’s other main instruments are French Horn and Trumpet.

Composing music is a big part of Rune’s everyday life.

He runs the freelance-company RRBE Sound, where he composes music for advertisement, film, radio and TV.

Here Rune also functions as a studio/session musician.

The latest projects Rune have been involved with is game music.

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You can read more about Rune and his other projects on RRBE Sound,

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