Fall of Episteme

19. december 2019
Fall of Episteme
Timescape Production
Producer: Kent B. Eskildsen

This CD was recorded in 2017 at The Klangshoej Studio & The Storvorde Recording Facility

Mixed by Kent Eskildsen & FOE

Mastered by Preben Raunsbjerg, Manchester, UK

Cover Concept by Rune B. Eskildsen & FOE

Cover Design and Artwork by Eric Svinth & FOE

Photo by Michael Jeppesen / FOE

Graphics and Merchandise: Jesper Langfeldt Rømer

Live Sound and Crew: Lars Boe

Special thanks goes to Christine Hoflund Elkjær for Cello on Accelerator and Guiding Star, Laila Hart for Sax on Guiding Star and to Carina for the lyrical inspiration to Guiding Star.

Also to our families and friends who still believe in us and our music.


  • 01-Love will stay   (8:15)     Lyrics
  • 02-Experience Oblige   (10:23)     Lyrics
  • 03-Accelerator   (8:15)     Lyrics
  • 04-Punchline   (8:16)     Lyrics
  • 05-Invisible Crusader   (15:20)     Lyrics
  • 06-Guiding Star   (5:55)     Lyrics

Total playing time:   56:24

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